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Esports Betting – The Digital Frontier

Esports Betting – The Digital Frontier
Esports betting is a new phenomenon that is promising to be quite productive for the punters who want to embrace it. It’s basically video games. But there is a lot of money in those. Did you know that Epic Games, a developer, has just invested $100 million in prize money (just the prize money!) for its flagship game – Fortnite. Well, yes this is happening. A single competition may have a prize pool as large as $26 million and the viewership is soaring past 300 million worldwide. This is a remarkable number indeed. 500,000 viewers can be watching a single game that is not necessarily the most important one ever. But it is what it is and the games are making a splash. SO how do we bet on esports?

Esports Betting – Get Yourself Started

Many websites, such as, are out there to promote esports. If you are not quite sure what this is just yet, rest assured that you will by visiting the website. Now, when it comes to choosing a bookmaker, you will have two options here, and that is just enough to keep you going or isn’t it?
  • Endemic
  • Non-endemic
This simply means the types of bookmakers that you can pick from. Endemic bookmakers are the type that actually specializes in making and taking wagers on esports events. Meanwhile. The non-endemic type is just there to make sure that you have a shot at great odds. Bet365 is a perfect example of how a bookmaker can arrive rather late at the party and still be immensely successful.

Type of Wagers with Esports

Esports is just like any other ports segment. You can expect your match winners and outright bets, you can also rely on futures and in-play features. The fact is that there is nothing stopping bookmakers and punters from enjoying the immense pleasures that come with betting on the outcome of video games. You can also rest assured that the activity is rather safe, too, as there is already a regulatory body that is there to make sure that any an dall sorts of wagers will actually be played as per the latest standards and no foul play or match fixing is afoot.

Bonuses for Esports

Yes, with the best endemic and non-endemic bookmakers, you will notice that there is a variety of bets to benefit from in full. There is no reason to be shy right now and the more you try the better your results will be. We recommend sticking with the available options and not giving up on any of those at all. The welcome bonus is the most common type of bonus, which means that you can truly benefit from a boosted bankroll, which will help your own betting efforts pen out just the way you like and expect them to. It’s the simple nature of things with sports betting and esports betting for that matter.

The Competitions Yo Can Wager On

There are just so many markets when it comes to betting on esports. This is a collective term, but in fact thee are dozens of games that you can take a wager on. For instance, you will see that you can benefit from quite the excellent titles, including Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and many, many more. We welcome you to not only try and wager, but also to play some of the games yourself! This will serve two purposes. On the one hand, you will quickly learn how a game works. On the other hand, you will get valuable insight. And thirdly, and this we think is the most important bit in appealing to you to go and try the games for yourself, is the simple fact that you will enjoy them. Before long, you will be able to use all your knowledge to make a successful bet and change your own fortune. We welcome you to go ahead and truly try this exciting new segment. Esports is the name of the future of the sports betting industry. Esports are almost surpassing mainstream events in popularity. This is just the beginning.

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