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How to beat the bookmakers?

How to beat the bookmakers?
How to beat the bookmakers? It’s a good question and you have come to the right place. There is a lot to consider here, but ultimately – we hold the secret to truly defeating the majority of bookmakers out there. We will be there for you when you need us to guide you. So why not start right away? Defeating the bookmakers is a combination of several factors that you most likely already know about, including, but hardly limited to:
  • Know which fights to pick;
  • Don’t spend too much money;
  • Do remind yourself to wager on the best options;
  • Compare odds;
  • Make use of bonuses;
  • Go mobile!
We will now cover every last bit of these recommendations and demonstrate how they can be useful to you and you alone.

Know Which Fights to Pick

If you really want to know How to beat the bookmakers, you will have to follow some very simple suggestions that will get you there in the end. Let’s open with the simple fact that you will need to identify the good bookmakers. What does make your operator of choice a good bookmaker though? There are quite a few specifics that you may want to choose from:
  • Licensing
  • Reputation
  • Available markets
  • Customer support
All of these will be important in determining up to what point you should trust your bookmakers. When you are done checking those (or better yet, you have checked one of our reviews on the matter) you are prepared to pick your bookmaker. We recommend staying away from all shady ones as this will just cause you unnecessary drama.

Don’t Spend Too Much Money

If you truly want to learn How to beat the bookmakers, you will have to learn to play in moderation. Don’t go all out with your funds. Instead, consider taking due care of your bets. Manage your bankroll as this is real money and you want them to be safe and work for you, not the other way around. With this in mind, you ought to ask yourself – is it truly possible to waste too much? Yes, it is and many gamers do it. When we check the forums, we see a lot of disgruntled clients. They always complain that they have been wronged, which would have been true if they had read the Terms & Conditions of a bonus they had accepted for example. This is why we always recommend that you start small and grow your bankroll. If you can’t do it with little money, you are only going to waste the big money.

Compare Odds & Wager on the Best

If you want to truly get to know How to beat the bookmakers, you will have to follow our advice. Always compare the odds you have at your hands and run them against those of another bookmaker out there. You will see that sometimes you may need to migrate your bets. Yes – we know it’s comfortable to just stick with the one bookmaker, but identifying those weak points in the odds, you will get yourself a value betting situation and this is how you truly defeat the bookmakers at their game without a moment’s hesitation. When it comes to this, you will see that bookmakers, don’t have much of a chance when you are doing your absolute best to find the most sustainable type of bets that you can carry out.

Grab Yourself a Good Bonus!

Bonuses are a complete yes. If you really want to up the bookmakers then you have to take their free betting credits and use it against them. There are many ways you can do that, but the best way is to do it smartly. Don’t overindulge yourself because if you do, you will be right in the hands of the bookmakers. Bookies want you to feel like they are giving you everything for free, but the truth is they are not – there is a lot you have to pay back. Now, the ‘payback’ comes in the form that you need to bet a lot to fulfil certain conditions. The more starter money you get the longer you will have to bet after that and you will end up with both – deadlines and specific odds you need to cover. This is the problem with the bonuses. Now that you know this though, you can avoid choosing a bonus that will benefit the bookmaker. Instead, we advise to only pick the specific bonus that will truly advance your own game. Looking for ways to do this, there are quite a few indeed. Refer to all our guides for the complete picture!

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