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Bitcoin Sports Betting - What It Is

Bitcoin Sports Betting - What It Is
Sports betting is definitely on the rise. But there is a new kid on the block that now seeks to join forces with it. Bitcoin is slowly entering sports betting and it seems intent to to stay for longer. However, because the cryptocurrency is a fairly new phenomenon that has not entered the mainstream in earnest, we will provide you with some useful insight how to dodge the disreputable places. Join the sports betting fray at a credible bookmaker. How do we know which Bitcoin sports betting websites are worth it?

Bitcoin Sports Betting – Is It Really a Thing?

Quite so, in fact! You will be hard pressed to skip the thicket of bitcoin bookmakers out there What you want is to make sure that you pick the right one, and that will take some looking. It’s not because Bitcoin is inherently evil. However, the anonymity, which is its main selling point, is also the most abused feature. With this in mind, we have prepared a whole check list to go through on your own time and make sure your bookie complies with it!
  • License - Let’s be honest here. There are no licensed Bitcoin sports bookmakers. If you want to do sports betting with cryptocurrencies, you will have to find out the best mixed or Bitcoin-only bookie. This will take you some finding. Alternatively, remember that you can check a top reviewing service, such as ours and check if your operator is trusthworhty
  • Software - Oh, yes. Software. It does matter. How fast your play, cash out and generally operate the bookmaker are of crucial importance. More importantly, if you bookmaker is buying from an established place, chances are the bookmaker is committed
  • Versatility> - If an operator is just offering a few sports, that may be suspicious. Yes, new operators will have to be careful and not to overplay their game, but then again you don’t want to be part of anyone’s Bitcoin sports betting experience.

How to Stay Safe at Bitcoin Sports Betting Bookies

A good question. Normally, we will recommend you to make sure that the bookie you have picked is worth your while. Do your due diligence. Question every positive review, which seems to be too much on the marketing side. But also don’t forget to stay objective. One of the chiefest reasons why people report a negative experience with bookies is because they fail to read through the wagering requirements, for example. There are a number of little pitfalls around even the best bookmakers. However, you won’t be in the wrong to start reading up.

The Genuine Concerns

Conversely, some bookmaker tries to cheat. Bitcoin bookies may try to cheat even more. Why? Because bitcoin is difficult to track in the real sense of the word. Yes, people brag that all transactions are visible, but the fact is that if someone gets your key, or if a bookmaker is insolvent, you can’t bring them to accountability. Simple as that. So yes, pitfalls exist, but you can stave them off. How? Just stick to the operators with an established reputation.

Going Mobile with Bitcoin Sports Betting

Bitcoin mobile bookies are not as common. Admittedly, bookmakers, in general, have adopted some of the greatest and massive tech advancements in history. Yes, the smartphone, online casinos, betting exchanges, all of this has been pioneered by the good ol’ FIAT bookies. Not to mention in-play features. Regardless, Bitcoin is still not adopting mobile en masse. Still, you can opt for a happy alternative. For instance, you can always add a quick desktop shortcut. This way you have access to the full set of features of the website. With this in mind, try to avoid any website that has not adopted its offer for mobile and has no plans to do so. It’s probably not serious and the owners are trying to make a quick buck before discontinuing their operations.

Bitcoin Sports Betting – Is It the Future?

We don’t think that Bitcoin will be the future of all sports betting. Instead, we will see a number of digital currencies come and go. Perpahsp we ought to talk about cryptocurrency sports betting instead. But for the time Bitcoin is all we have and so we indulge it. Try to use our write-up as a guidance in the seemingly intricate domain of sports betting.

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