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Sports Betting in Japan - An Honorary Experience

Sports Betting in Japan - An Honorary Experience
Japan is an interesting place to be betting on sports. You will notice that the country has no laws that actually sanction the activity. Things have been changing, however. At least for the land-based operators, and specifically casinos. This gives proponents of sports betting in Japan new forces to continue with their push for a legalized industry. It seems ever more likely that sports betting in Japan will become a mainstream thing, although the community is divided, with the scales tilting slightly in the way of those who dislike it. Nevertheless, the country’s gamers have been accessing reputable bookies, and it’s perhaps time for a change.

Where to Do Sports Betting in Japan

Similarly to other legislation, Japan has its thorny sides. Thankfully, they are quite easy to navigate. There are a number of offshore bookmakers who will gladly take Japanese, and even Australian punters, who normally face difficulties finding a place to play. Never you fear, for Japan has its safe harbour. Exploring your options, you will need to be aware of the possible complications. For starters, you may have trouble depositing money. However, this is less pronounced than in the United States. Still, you can clear the regulatory hurdles by opting for gift visa or master cards. On top of that, your actual debit or credit card may work flawlessly. Above all else, you may want to choose a bookmaker that has a good track record. In other words, you will need to address some common issues and doubts as how credible a bookie is and whether you can trust it to begin with.

The Specifics of Sports Betting in Japan

Of course, this is a topic that can go on and on, but generally, there are a few things that you can make to established the credentials of a bookmaker.
  • Make sure that the bookmaker has not been embroiled in any court battles
  • Check if something negative has affected the bookmaker in the past (insolvency, scandals, corruption)
  • Try to see how the bookmaker settles conflicts with the user base
Admittedly, it’s very difficult to tell when a bookmaker is solid, especially in unregulated markets. You will generally want to steer clear of those that seem to be new. But even then, you may struggle to tell which bookie to trust at the end of the day. Without proper scrutiny of their finances, nobody really knows until it’s too late, whether a company can actually pay out the requested money. However, this applies for big competitions, such as the 2018 FIFA CUP.

Check for Licences

If you want to make sure that your money is safe, you can always check for licenses. The fact that a bookmaker isn’t regulated in the country, doesn’t mean it fails to offer a legitimate sports betting experience in Japan. Many of these companies obtain their licenses from genuine jurisdictions. So if a bookmaker has been licensed in Malta or Gibraltar, or somewhere in the whitelisted authorities, it’s easy to carry out business with them. Mind, though, that it is not necessarily a benchmark of credibility if a bookmaker has been certified. The above-stated observations should be very much studied to establish the credibility of a company.

Sports Betting in Japan and Live Betting

Having access to some of the best sports betting features in Japan could be a tough sell. Because bookmakers cannot operate in the country, users may struggle to utilize the software. However, more often than not, it’s perfectly okay to connect with the bookmakers. So what then are the possible complications? If a bookmaker goes rogue, it will be very difficult for you to seek compensation. This is why we recommend that you follow a few steps to avoid losing money to disreputable bookies:
  • Avoid playing large sums at bookmakers
  • Make sure you have read their wagering requirements to the letter
  • Study what the most common problems with the given bookmaker are
This is just a sample of what you can do in order to avoid dealing with nefarious sports betting in Japan. It would be extremely helpful if you manage to find the bookmakers whom you can trust and pursue your betting forays.

Your Big Japan

People who are in Japan and want to bet on the outcome of sports will have the rare opportunity to do so without having to worry too much. However, you will still need to exercise caution and ensure that everything is accounted for. It’s easy to get blindsided by bookies who make big promises. Remember to stay on track and to keep yourself clear of any murky business.

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