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Esports Betting - One Pixel at a Time

Esports Betting - One Pixel at a Time
Esports a new segment in the world of mainstream sports. Some even argue they are not a “real” sport. Well, esports betting is real, though, so there’s that. Besides video games never wanted to be “real”. They focused on staying immensely fun, often quite competitive and wowing the audiences who actually understand what everything is all about. So yes, esports betting is very much a real thing and we will be quite happy to offer you a genuine insight.

What Is Esports Betting?

Esports betting is trying to successfully guess the outcome of a competition where two players or a team of players (usually squads ranging from 2 to 5). It’s not immediately apparent for whom to root if you are not a fan. Heck, it’s not even clear what in the world is going on, as the games are very colourful in most cases and they are also fast-paced. If you think that esports betting is silly and playing video games professionally is stupid, it’s not. The sheer training that a player undergoes to be able to exercise commands in split seconds rival those of mainstream athletes. Yes, esports competitors generally take poorer care of their bodies, but that’s associated with their sedentary lifestyle. Still, they are bright chaps and some of the most successful players held various jobs previously that were paying well. If esports and esports betting is not stupid for someone who makes $60,000 a year from their day job, then it should certainly deserve a bit more of respect from naysayers.

How to Be Good at Esports Betting

Now, if you are true about starting with eSports betting, we recommend that you assume a slightly different approach. First, make sure to pick a game you truly enjoy. And trust us, we are professionals spending roughly 10 hours researching and working, and we can add that 2 hours more go to make sure we’re up to scratch with what we do. We have families and responsibilities. And still, we love to game. True, we may game only on Saturday and steal an hour here and an hour there throughout the week, but we do play. And as we play, we get to familiarize ourselves with various titles. MOBA is intense and they require hundreds of hours played to be able to understand builds, teams and combinations. Still, if you haven’t been playing this before and you are busy too, we recommend that you pass onto the next. FPS titles are brilliant. CS: GO is the staple product and you have dozens of markets to bet on so you will definitely not have anything to be worried about. Yes, FPS titles are very easy to grasp and you will hardly have any trouble getting things right there. So, if you want to bet on esports, please do consider FPS first. There are some great titles that are shaping up as competitive titles just now, including Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and so forth and so on. Yes, the competitive landscape is shaping really quick. So, you will just need to spend some time playing around first and then you can reliably expect to be making the right choices. Join Reddit and follow the game news. Check up on patch notes and make sure to be up to date with what’s happening with the game you have picked. Sometimes it helps to be caught up in terms of what’s been going on with players themselves. It not always pays off, but it’s trivia that may come in handy.

Dedicated Esports Bookies?

Esports betting does have its safe harbours. You will be able to find a number of dedicated endemic bookies which have been built to cater to esports fans. If you feel an old-timer, you can visit places such as Betway and enjoy traditional with the small wrinkle known as eSports. Esports bookies offer fewer bonuses, but that’s because esports partners are great and you will generally find it quite simple to beat the bookies – they still lack some insight that we simply call gut feeling. Well, whatever the implications, you will be absolutely thrilled to know that no matter how slim the odds, if you have been following the scene, you will be able to call some pretty amazing matches!

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