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How to Recognize Good Odds

How to Recognize Good Odds
Recognizing good odds at sports bookies is never an easy thing. There are dozens of reasons for that. For starters, you cannot be sure if the odds are right. But here comes the big surprise. Nobody can be sure if the odds are right. In fact, nobody is ever certain of the odds. That’s why sports betting is in fact – a form of a gamble. But unlike video slots where there’s no skill and it’s all chance, sports betting takes number crunching which can pass for skill. We are here to try and pry open the secrets of this precise type of number crunching, only we don’t really care about the actual math. Instead, we will give you the general guidelines – a HOW TO spot great odds and benefit from them in full. It’s not always easy. It’s not easy at all, in fact. But you will learn and we will help.

Step One – Analyze the Bookies

  So, we get it, you are not a big fan of registering accounts with many bookmakers. Even we sometimes grumble when we are unjustly pushed to be doing this and that and exploring that bookie instead of just sticking with our familiar and favorite ones. However, it turns out, all of it is part of a greater design. Now, the good news is you will never have to register to benefit from what we are here to look – the odds. You can browse the odds as much as you like without having to register. 99% of all bookies allow you to check what they have to offer without registration, and 100% of the best bookmakers out there will get you a free access. The website’s visibility is usually upper of 85%, meaning that you have an idea what the website is all about without having to register even, and that’s pretty cool. Now that you are in, the comparison may begin in earnest. We recommend that you run at least 5 bookmakers, comparing matches constantly. When you spot the best odds – wager on those.

The Multi-Registration Purpose

  Many people hate it. We included. But if you didn’t know about the house advantage, let us tell you a little story. All bookmakers have about 5% advantage over you. In other words, 5% of the money you place will always end up with them, even if you win a wager and multiply your investment. Sounds pretty unfair, but it’s how bookies manage to earn money and run their operations, which is… well. A decent way to do it. Now, it always helps to have several bookies all lined up. Why? Because this way you can choose. We usually register with three sports bookies when we want to play – not only to compare odds, but to be able to choose between the best options. The upshot? The bookies lose their 5% advantage, which has just become 1-2%. That’s smashing in all senses of the words. You have just almost managed to negate the advantage of the house over you, saving you quite a bit of trouble, and putting yourself in the best position possible! Now, how do you compare odds, really? Well, as the name suggest, you jump from one bookie to another and make sure that you understand what’s being said and done. We recommend that you do several things first:
  • Focus on a single sport only
  • Make sure that you have been following the events in full
  • Always go in with an idea who the winner will be – if the odds show otherwise, you may have identified a value betting situation
And so, comparing odds means to go and check what the bookmaker thinks your favored matches will turn out as. Now, we’ve mentioned value betting. Care to understand what this is?

Value Betting – How to Make a Penny on Your Investment!

  Value betting is a much-touted concept among sports bettors. It’s basically when an individual has found out that their bet stands to make a killing. How? Let’s say that you have been following Team A. Team A haven’t been performing exceedingly well, but you have spotted the makings of a winner. They have been managing to progress to the next stage again and again, mostly what others would chalk up to luck – the opponents scored an auto-goal, the opponents had been missing a player. Is it really that, though? Or have you just found a good team nobody expects to win. If so, all you have to do is place a heftier wager on the underestimated team and your ROI will be nice, tidy and solid.

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