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How to Manage Your Sports Betting Bankroll

How to Manage Your Sports Betting Bankroll
Multiplying our money through your own efforts at sports betting may be  tempting. But of course, it’s all very difficult to do as well. How should we control our bankroll in a way that will help us establish a firm foothold in the world of betting? The answer is – not easy. But we know a thing or two about controlling ou own bankrolls and we are here to gladly impart this knowledge to you. You may be suspicious – why you? Simply because our practical advice won’t hurt anyone’s game. They only help you advance and become a bitter more accomplish at sports betting, and that’s great.

The Golden 2% Rule

One of the common rules of all betting games is to control you money smartly. This may some time to learn and master, but once you know how much to stake – you are on your way to beating the bookies, and you ought to admit that this must be exciting. The golden rule says that you ought to be staking 2% of your bankroll and at no other occasion should you exceed the 5% ceiling. If you want to go above 5% you may be a high roller, and that’s not a thing to do or the rookies. Bear with us though, because we are going to cover high rolling betting in the chapters to come. It’s interesting and adrenaline-inducing, but it’s certainly not for budget players. Meanwhile, back to our present conundrum – is the 2% rule universal? Yes, for the most part. Of course, sometimes you will notice that some bets may require more as the minimum staking amount, but for the most part such concerns are wall types of bets have a particular time of maturity which it may not be worth betting. This is not the case with match bets which retain their value, unless something major has influenced the game of the teams – i.e. a player has been incapacitated, or some new occurrence has produced itself. Most bookies are happy to offer wagers at $1 as the minimum bet available. With this in mind, sports betting is perhaps the best ‘gambling’ activity to be following the bankroll rule. Unlike casinos, you won’t end up with a minimum amount, which may exceed your 2% of the budget use. Focusing on the activity can truly be lucrative.

The types of bets to choose

Of course, there is always something else to consider -w hat types of bets should you be using. Should you stake on outright winner or should you instead focus on winners from single matches? We won’t lie – single match winners are probably the best bets you can make as they have the highest success rate. If you are interested in progressing here, you will find yourself quite well-poised to add you your bankroll. You will still need to show consideration for the game though as it won’t come easy to you or anyone. Mathematicians too struggle to get an algorithm that would show them who will win, although quite a few betting activities have been done already. Ultimately, though, your knowledge of the game will be instrumental to determine whether you are prepared to take on the bookies and make a profit in the process. Toying around with the bookies’ offer is always fun too! You can also check out the futures, side in bets which will allow you to garner a better picture of any future forays you may have in sports betting. Futures are basically the type of bets you call early on as you expect to turn a profit out of it. The have the highest payout percentage, because the odds are quite a bit slimmer than what they are after a few games. Of course, teams such as France have had their odds high all throughout the World Cup and even the futures wouldn’t fetch you as much in ready cash. Still, it’s well worth paying attention that you will get the most money out of wagering on winner’s wagers as early as you stake them. Anything beyond a certain time-slot will come as grossly unusual and this is not the sort of thing you won’t to have as an active punter


Being good at staking money is not always easy, but with a bit of research, you can really turn you fortune around. We recommend staking money on the sports you know best – which will be our next recommendation. Focus on what you know and results will certainly quickly follow.

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