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How to Avoid Sports Betting Fraud

How to Avoid Sports Betting Fraud
  We all just want to load up a respectable bookmaker and play knowing we are safe. However, does the market really afford us this opportunity? Sports betting fraud is rampant. However, we will help you learn how to avoid the mischievous operators. We are your top guys for anything that relates to the integrity of the sports betting industry. In this guide, we will show you how to avoid getting tangled with such places. If you are interested in finding out all about the legal websites and avoid the dodgy ones, read on.

Spotting a Bad Apple

It’s immensely fun to tinker with the bad apples. There are a lot of but’s and if’s and when you reach out to customer support you often have to wait a wee bit longer at the difficult questions, because you are being transferred. Things are as they are, but disreputable bookies act in many ways:
  • They avoid communicating with clients hoping for a quick killing upfront
  • They will communicate with you but make sure to offer misleading information that ultimately favours them
And that’s precisely why we have a whale of a time debunking such places. They are painfully easy to do so. So, how do we go about our business... Put plainly, we don’t strain ourselves much. We first enter the website and check out the offer quick. Anything from offer to bonus. If the wagering requirements seem as rather difficult to fulfil, and unjustly so, this is our first red flag. But then we read on. As we star diving into the website’s particulars, one thing is immediately and painfully obvious to us – a bookie which has a modest offer and generally puts too much pressure on some aspects of the betting experience is unlikely to be licensed.

A Word Gets Out

And when we have gathered our information from the bookmaker, it’s time to scour the Internet for useful bits of information, which will almost necessarily pay off. We follow up on people & customers complaints and keep a log of all that we get as answers. Yes, the Internet is ultimately a powerful tool and you should use it. You can find all the information about the dealings of a bookmaker right there, and it won’t take you that much time either. With all of this in mind, you can truly help yourself be ahead of the events. Identifying the bad apples is a matter of research and communication. And forums will usually help you get in touch with other users who can share vital pieces of information about the dealings and operations of a particular sports bookie.

Checking and Testing Security & Safety

Safety and security should also be uppermost in your mind when you are dealing with any bookmaker. You will want to know that their website is completely secured and reliable. With this in mind, you won’t to have to deal with:
  • Websites that haven’t been encrypted
  • Websites that openly share information with third parties (read the T&C of the website you are sharing your personal data with)
These two conditions are the bare minimum you should keep in mind. If your website meets those, you may consider giving them a chance. But even then, do consider what the public opinion is. You don’t want to be entangled with any bookmaker that can’t meet these criteria.

Making Sure It All Works

  A reviewing service may indeed be your best friend when it comes to selecting the single most bookmaker out there. Basically, you will want to know that someone has reviewed the bookmaker. Of course, you don’t want to take their word for it. But you can still spot when someone is writing with arguments and when someone is simply praising a website. More than that, you can just as easily check the things the reviewers have audited yourself. Sure, it will take some time, but then again you want to know that things are going in the proper way. Do spend some time reviewing the websites you are playing with. Avoid the bad apples and have a fulfilling experience. Remember that your due diligence will pay off a big way in the end.

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