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Tipico: What An Atypical Affair

Tipico: What An Atypical Affair
Being fresh in the murky waters of sports betting and online casinos is not an easy undertaking. Problems may spring at every turn as you are grappling through for plausible solutions to rather tacky problems. In today’s Tipico sportsbook review, we set out to unpick the knot of issues that may assail anyone who has just set their foot in this cutthroat industry. Rest assured that we will dig deep and long to unearth the muck and pinpoint the merits of what appears to be a new player in unprobed territories.

Down The Bedrock Of Tipico

Tipico prefers to keep it simple. As soon as you log on, you can see that you have come across a bookmaker that adopts the best practices of the industry. Their odds are immediately available to the errant gaze, cast against a stylish grey backdrop. The navigation bar finds itself enclosed in stylish, dry red, which helps you read the names of the sections. And apparently, just as any good bookie, Tipico tends to be a bit of a dealer too. The online casino section has been revamped and is now even more appealing than the previous big hit, the live casino. Football crowd the left-hand side whether all the interesting features are gently nudged into the right.

Tipico’s Odds Simplicity

Step aside and wonder! There is nothing complicated here. You will find a fine selection of the world’s top-rated sports. A handful of customer care options, as well as bonus bargains, is available. Nothing specifically uncanny about those. Simple and self-explanatory, the odds follow a basic 1X2 format, and the top markets are immediately in one’s field of view. Tipico is not one to go out on a limb and jeopardize itself or the accounts of faithful customers. You may bet on the main events out there which is just fine. In fact, narrowing the scope of betting to just a select-few events may be a huge advantage for the incipient punter who could feel easily overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of options available otherwise.

Tipico’s Welcome Bonus – A Straightforward Affair Like Any Other

Your bookie does not shy away from one of the staple products of the industry. A great beginner’s offer will match you up to €100 and 100% of your deposited amount. Odds could be a bit steep, with the demanded play-through requirement at odds of 2.0. On top of that you have to wager both the deposit amount and the additional moolah the bookie will inject in your account, and all of this three times. The rollover is actually quite generous. Meanwhile, a deposit bonus on its own is a tad more generous. Instead of odds of 2.0, your selections must stand at 1.5. Not all that bad, all things considered. Tipico does not care much about big promises, which only add to the burden of running a fresh bookmaker. Instead, the company keeps its offer streamlined. Still, you will be informed about the daily, weekly and monthly winners, and some salivating sums will be made available to the public to see.

Mobile Friendly But Not Mobile Ap(t)

Unfortunately, Tipico does not have a dedicated mobile app. We understand the costs associated with developing one, but it is still a good investment to look forward into the future. On the upside, you may browse the website through your smartphone. Security seems to be on point there, but you may want to use your own Internet, instead of munching off Wi-Fi from a public network.

In-Play’s Big Time At Tipico

Tipico not only flirts with football. It damn well buys dinner and takes the sports and its punters some place nice. The in-play feature has been dedicated largely to cater to football. Here, the sport is king. Even though the offer is bare bones in terms of exciting tech features, the odds are excellent. You cannot livestream the game through the website, but you can do so from a whole bunch of stream services online while keeping an eye on your odds and betting slip.

Payments – Free Of Charge

Tipico does another thing exceptionally well. Payments are swift and incur no charges for the punter at least when depositing. Most popular payment methods from e-wallets to your credit and debit card are features. You may opt for pre-paid cards and even paysafecard or just try with a bank transfer. With bank transfers, though, you will be slapped with a nominal fee, so watch out for that. Withdrawals are another matter. Fees here are nominal but they are present. Then again, €5 is not too dearly to pay when cashing out your proceedings. True, some of the better established bookies tend to pick up the slack, but Tipico is focusing on gaining a firm foothold into the business so we cannot fault them for letting customers pick some of the slack, provided everything else is well-run.

Some Of The Bad That We Take With The Good

Just with any other bookmaker out there, you can find a fair bit of bad things being sad about one’s bookie. Now, the best way to go about it is to just check. Reviews may be biased on occasion, which will not give you the complete picture. We advise you to follow up on any trails and do your own research. Read the discussions and try to identify the problem. See how Tipico handles disputes – does it honor them or dismisses them. Has the bookie ever embezzled any money that otherwise belonged to a punter? All of this is important, so avoid reading just the headlines and get down to some serious research.

Tipico – A Well-Balanced Bookie Hold A Promise Of Greatness

As you have seen throughout this write-up, Tipico has its drawbacks, but it offsets those by excelling in other areas. Apparently, the bookmaker has long realized that starting in a business with big and flashy promises may just alienate punters if those promises flop. As a result, a simpler and more rigorous approach has been adopted. Dispensing with promotions as a whole, Tipico has done a sterling job of crafting its odds to accommodate punters. Before the final whistle is out, you will have laid a few successful wagers.

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