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Betfair Review - Bet Exchange and Sportsbook

Betfair Review - Bet Exchange and Sportsbook
Betfair is the world’s first truly dedicated battle arena where punters can face off and wager against one another. Yes, you read us correctly. You will no longer have to play against the house when Betfair allows you to play against your fellow gamers. The revolutionary concept was inspired from horse racing and it has quickly grown to be one of the most noteworthy solutions of the century when it comes to bookmakers and gambling. Betfair is a fully-licensed operator with an enormity of markets and a reputation that has not been tarnished for all these years of operation.

Promotions and Bonuses

As every respectable operator, Betfair does come with its fair number of possible options. If you want to start off with extra money, this is easy to arrange. If you feel like you can benefit from many little monetary incentives – this is absolutely true. Betfair makes it possible for you to enjoy a host of tempting options. However, you need not compromise your betting strategy for the sake of the bookie. Quite plainly put, Betfair will run promos all around the clock, but you needn’t take any of that unless you can distinguish some clear benefit to you. When it comes to choosing promos, going through the wagering requirements usually helps, as this is a clear guide about how difficult one promotion or another is to achieve. We recommend that you keep an eye on the dedicated Promotions page every week.

In-Play – Facing Players in Real Time

If you have mastered your betting, you may want to put that to a test. The In-Play feature at Betfair allows you to challenge fellow gamers and stake money on the outcome of real play games. Yes, it’s not the easiest thing to do, not in the slightest, but it adds an excitement to your gaming. If you want to bet on the outcome of games as they transpire, you will have plenty of opportunities. You may first pick whether you want to join a game that’s already afoot or do your due diligence in anticipating of an upcoming clash. The choice is entirely yours and you may benefit from both.

Exchange and Sportsbook

Now, Betfair is clearly an exchange where players can bet against one another. However, you can use the website in the sense of a traditional bookmaker. Whatever you choose to do, you will have enough opportunities to turn a profit should you demonstrate the necessary acumen. In both cases, the house will take a small cut of your wagers, but this constitutes a miniscule fraction of your funds and you can safely bet without having to worry about a single thing. The sportsbooks come with a useful feature known as Today, which will basically catch you up on all the important developments in the sector. You can wager on your home markets (depending on where you are playing from) and on recognized international markets as well.

Cash Out – A Loved Feature

Cash out is another top-dollar feature which allows you to pull out of the betting fray any which time you wish. Of course, the cash out is truly too good for you to be pulling the shots. Having this in mind, it’s understandable why the website prefers to allow you to cash out some of your winnings. Bear in mind that not all matches will be eligible for a cash out. By cashing out you can keep some of your money as a running bet or completely withdraw your deposit and/or winnings.

Mobile Friendly

Betfair is hands down one of the most mobile-friendly websites we have experienced. You won’t have any trouble playing from a tablet or smartphone. The experience is tantamount to that of a desktop computer. Some argue that it’s even slightly better. At the same time, if you love Betfair, you may opt for the native app they have developed to make sure that you, the customer, are happy with the final results. We believe there’s much to be gained from using the dedicate app, as it makes all gaming more pleasant and reliable.

Customer Support

It will happen from time to time that you will need some additional help. Well, there’s no shame in that. Betfair makes sure to be available across a multitude of channels for you, and so you can access them:
  • Using their landline phone
  • Via live chat
  • Dropping an e-mail


Betfair is a trend setter in every sense of the word. The bookmaker was the first to introduce the exchange concept and has enjoyed it in full. Whatever the future of betting may hold, Betfair will contribute much to this end. We are looking forward to see what the next innovation will be. In the meanwhile, benefit from Betfair’s excellent odds and facilities.

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