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1xbet Review - Versatility of payment methods

1xbet Review - Versatility of payment methods
Founded back in 2011, 1XBet is one of the most memorable names of the gambling landscape. The sports book is proud to own a Curacao licence and the website ahs managed to attract a lot of Eastern European gamers. However, sports lovers from other countries are also already onboard with the bookie. You will meet people from places as versatile as Portugal, Germany, and even Austria! Not taking things too far, some Asian punters are also making the casual foray over to the sport bookie. Rest assured that 1XBet is no ordinary company either. With its rather staggering 97.3% of RTP rates, the punter who nips out to place their wager here will be quite pleased with the developments. There’s a brilliant selection of markets and odds as well as sports to pick from! Overall, the website is brilliantly thought out so much that you can even make full use of the In-Play feature without having to worry about a thing. You can fact end up watching as many sports derbies as you wish at the same time! All of the website’s streams are in high-def allowing for a spotless picture quality which really pays off in the long term.

Bonuses & Promos

Bonuses and promotions are often the staple of the gambling world. With this in mind, it’s not difficult to imagine that the freebies and goodies you will end up finding at 1XBet are any different. The website has done a sterling job out of preparing a great entry level sports betting and if you are a pro – you will also find a few benefits that you can make full use of. Overall, the bookmaker comes with a seducing welcome bonus which will have you get your betting under control in no time at all. Having the heft of a starter’s bonus is always useful when it comes to propelling yourself on the lines of sports betting. Although not always necessary, having a bonus tied up in a bag can give a bit of an élan to your betting.

Versatility of Payment Solutions

And so, the payment solutions are another mandatory part of the whole business. With this in mind, you will quickly find yourself quite willing to do as many things as your bankroll allows you. However, how do you know that your money is safe? The stellar depositing and withdrawal methods the bookie offers you are step one towards the security of your bankroll. Of course, it helps to know that you can deposit and withdraw with virtually every method known to finance. Banking Transfers, credit and debit cards, pre-paid and gift cards, mobile payment solutions, they all work. The versatility of payment methods will quickly have you know that you can fully rely on the bookie and not break a sweat when your money is moved around. Think of 1XBet as a PayPal among the bookies. Your money is always safe and you have clear-cut rules which determine the safety of your funds with the bookmaker.

Mobile Compatibility – All That Matters

Mobile compatibility is an important feature of the modern-day sports betting and you will be quite happy to know that the experience is portable. You can wager from a number of devices which make it extremely easy for you to flick your wagers at 1XBet. For the most part, you will need to rely on the mobile compatibility to make sure that you are always apprised of the latest developments in your favourite sports. You can choose any number of devices when it comes to mobile betting. We recommend sticking to your smartphone for the most comfort. If you are in the habit of carrying around a tablet with you, one of the best models we have found so far is the Galaxy, Samsung. We can recommend it wholeheartedly as it provides you with enough scope of action. When all is said and done, sports betting with a mobile device puts you at a significant advantage. The fact that 1XBet has implemented its own mobile solutions so well signals the bookie’s readiness to be an accompanying hand in your successful betting forays.

Customer Care, Your Well-Being Matters

Another telling sign whether your bookie is a respectable operator is by checking out if they are willing to offer you help. Most of the time, you will see bookies trying to avoid customers because they know, i.e. the bookies, that they have done something wrong. This is not the case with 1XBet, the bookie that is willing to help you in all possible ways and it does. You can contact the helpful care agents in any of the listed Contact Us methods on the website. We ourselves called them up to check if the RTP rates were right and to confirm that the In-Play feature is available for multiple (up to four games) at a time.

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